Welcome to the new rolling forecast and ordering system by General Topics.

We have created a new, easier, clearer and faster system to handle your rolling forecasts and orders for General Topics' products. With this new system it is possible to follow a guided procedure that helps you to choose the desired products.

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Terms and Conditions
It is possible to insert the rolling forecasts for many months ahead. The following rules are applied for the Rolling forecast:
- the forecast for the following month can be changed with only -1 or +1 cardboard
- If you did not insert a rolling forecast for the next month yet, you can only insert 1 cardboard box per type of product.
- The rolling forecast of 2 and 3 months ahead can be changed without limitations

You have the to confirm the order for the following month within the 27th of the currentmonth. If you inserted the Rolling Forecast before, on the 27th of the month it becomes an order automatically and you can not change it afterwards. If you did not yet insert a rolling forecast for the following month it means that you don't have an order in course for the following month. When you confirm the order, you automatically indicate to accept General Topics' conditions. The confirmed order has legal value
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